Forecasting beyond the short-term position

Are you planning for the future or living in the past?

Visibility, efficiency and control. 

Treasurers, finance directors and accounting professionals of all companies have had this as a mantra for many years, but does existing, established software really meet the requirement and take full advantage of modern technology?

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steve whalley
Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, No Brexit!

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

Warren Buffet

After two years of negotiating the way forward is still unclear. Will the UK exit or not? Is there another two years of uncertainty or will it all eventually return to the status quo.

A change in the trade status of the UK, as one the larger economies in the world will have a major impact all around the globe.

Read our blog to give you an insight how you can assess the impact of Brexit on your business.

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Why don't people forecast?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

Benjamin Franklin, founding father of the United States

It may be a historical comment but it still has great relevance today but why don’t people plan or forecast? Whatever the forecasting need, from a business cash position to a personal retirement plan, people find this difficult and inconvenient to do. 

Read our blog to give you an insight how you can address this easily and for FREE. Learn from the wisdom of Ben. Prepare and plan now, to ensure you do not fail in the future.

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