Vision by Crowd Data Systems

Simple, intuitive forecasting

Everyone feels they need to plan or budget better, but where to start?
Vision is the answer. An easy-to-use approach with results from an experienced source.
Our templates are curated by experts to provide a straight-forward structure when building a new forecast or financial plan.


Plan ahead, manage risk

What is your Vision of the future?
Create multiple views of the future and compare with actual results as they occur, all in a visual environment.
Collaborate in real-time across small teams to ensure transparency, and keep everyone focused on the same goals.


Track key goals, see performance

Use Vision to instantly monitor the health of your personal finances, organisation or corporation.
Preconfigured analysis gives you a graphical summary of your forecasting, and helps keeps you on course.
See how you are performing on a personal level, or benchmarked against your peers or competitors.


Forecasting for everyone

Effective practical forecasting whether for personal finances, organisational growth or financial control has been out of reach of most people. Solutions have either been unreliable spreadsheets or expensive enterprise software.

Just by using a web browser on our Cloud Infrastructure, Vision by Crowd Data Systems brings the power of large solutions to everyone.

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Finance and treasury teams need to ensure the group has the available liquidity for its businesses to succeed, and for the organisation to grow.

Vision enables users to view a real-time position and test potential scenarios that may impact their liquidity, to help make effective cash management decisions.

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Small Business

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s), cashflow is critical. Understanding future cashflow and funding requirements is a fundamental part of executing the business strategy.

Vision helps companies model their business plans and visualise the requirements needed to ensure a successful future.

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Third Sector

Charities and Not-for-Profit organisations have a duty of care with the subscriptions and donations they manage.

Vision allows them to forecast how to best use their resources, monitor ongoing performance and understand what is delivering best value for their members, as a key to this process.

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Personal Finance

Individuals and families need to ensure they are saving for future needs. Many people also devote hours of their time helping local clubs and schools as treasurers with very limited support.

Vision provides templates for budgets, retirement planning and club finance to help move beyond inconsistent, time-consuming spreadsheets.