Why don't people forecast?

By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.
— Benjamin Franklin

It may be a historical comment but it still has great relevance today. Whatever the forecasting need, from a business cash position to a personal retirement plan, people find this difficult and inconvenient to do. 

If people plan at all it is often in an ad-hoc manner and they then have to revisit their assumptions from first principles every time. A system has been needed that keeps their data safe, reminds them to update it and over time allows them to monitor where they stand, how they got there, and where they thought they would be.

What Vision by Crowd Data Systems has achieved is to align all of these requirements into an easy-to-use web application that is available 24/7 securely in the cloud.

We did this by fundamentally revisiting the design requirements of forecasting, enabling the building blocks to be combined in a myriad of ways by our experts to give specific templated solutions for any user requirement. The traditional forecasting problems of granularity over time and detail have been solved together with a robust method of moving the forecast though time, always a problem with old fashioned spreadsheets and systems in the past.

All a new user has to do is select a template that closely aligns with their needs, personalise it to suit, then populate it over a time scale that is relevant to them. Import wizards can link data from various sources with learning algorithms that remember the process automatically.

Template Selection.png

Once a user has a starting forecast they can readily copy this into multiple scenarios to allow them to plan for a variety of risk factors. “What happens to my business if there is a hard Brexit? A soft Brexit? Delayed Brexit? Or no Brexit at all!”, “If Google advertising rates decline, do we have enough cash reserves to run the business this year?"

Pre-prepared analysis in every template allows people to graphically interrogate their data. Powerful key performance indicators (KPIs) help them monitor the health of their organisation or forecast planning, and share that with any of their stakeholders.

Software Analysis.png

Learn from the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin. Prepare and plan now, to ensure you do not fail in the future.

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