Forecasting Advisory Group

Why Forecasting?


Experts in finance and governance recognise that effective forecasting is both difficult to achieve technologically and practically, no matter the size of the organisation. We have approached this problem from the ground up to create a new product, Vision.

For enterprise corporations

Despite large organisations’ widespread use of ERP and TMS software, cash and liquidity forecasting continues to be the area most companies identify as challenging. The use of ad-hoc internal spreadsheets with the associated risks and time costs are widespread. Companies lack a standardised cross-industry approach such as they have within supply chain management, tax or other treasury functions.

For SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises recognise the need for better forecasting. Due to restricted financing, it can be fundamental to ongoing business survivability and growth. However, many do not know where to start and only create basic on-demand spreadsheets to support their management intuition. Ironically, forecasting is often an afterthought rather than an integral part of strategic decision making.


How does Vision help?

We have designed Vision to challenge traditional concepts within Financial Technology software. The system needed to be built from the outset considering both technical and practical requirements, rather than adapting other configurable technology to fit. We built from the following key assumptions:

  • Users do not need to be experts in forecasting

  • Consultants are not required to implement software

  • Established processes do not need to already exist

  • Modeling and education should be integrated, guiding users as they progress


Pre-defined templates and analysis

A range of templates offer an easy starting point, based on the core elements of a forecast and the type of business. The templates include pre-defined analysis to give meaningful feedback, key performance indicators and graphical insight into forecast data in real-time.

Collaboration framework for continuous improvement

Embedded within the architecture of Vision is the ability for real-time collaboration both within teams working on a forecast, and across the broader community of users. Users will be able to use the platform to discuss forecasting thoughts and concepts with peers, alongside actual forecast modelling. The system will be able to collaborate anonymised consolidation data to provide more meaningful analysis not possible with isolated systems, such as benchmarking performance against peers and within similar industries in real-time.


How can you be involved?


We have invited you as part of a select number of people to join our peer advisory group. We want to ensure users are engaged continuously throughout the product evolution and feel directly involved in the shaping of standard solutions for peer groups . There are two potential ways to contribute that may be of interest.

Thought leadership

For Vision to reach its full potential, we need to establish ‘communities’ of users with similar challenges. Our advisory group will help define the standardised models within their areas of expertise, and identify the types of analysis / benchmarking that should be automatically provided.

Real-world focus

You will have existing spreadsheets, or particular forecasting needs that you want to try running through our system. For the advisory group, we will provide additional support in setting up models and migrating existing data as part of building our larger scale validation for our product. We would welcome feedback and improvement suggestions that can be rolled out to the benefit of all users.